LISEL asbl is a non profit organization according to 21 avril 1928's law"associations et les fondations sans but lucratif" existing since June 2006.

Our aim is to create and develop a framework for students  human growth at all levels: through social, cultural and spiritual activities. LISEL's inspirations are the values of the Gospel, the social teaching of the Church as well as  the  universal declaration of Human Rights.  It aims at caring for the well-being of students and responding to their needs, without matter of origin, age, nationality, philosophical or religious believes.

The members of our associations are :

  • Archevêché de Luxembourg, public institution founded according to 30 avril 1981's law,
  • Association Saint François Xavier, asbl, the community of Jesuites at Luxembourg,
  • Communauté de Vie Chrétienne, association internationale publique de laïcs, de droit pontifical,
  • Confederation Caritas Luxembourg, asbl,
  • Foyer de l'Aluc, asbl,

LISEL administrators:

  • Patrick de Rond: Service de la Pastorale/Archevêché
  • Jacques Weisshaupt : Religious jesuite, retired university professor. Grate at philosophy, Berchmanianum, Nijmegen, Grate at German philology , UCL, Leuven, Docteur en linguistique, UCL, Leuven.
  • Marco Hoffmann, coordinateur à la Confédération Caritas Luxembourg.
  • Ghislaine  Ndeutchi former student living in one of the Lisel communities 
  • Simone Goerens-Oestreicher: Studied economics at University in Luxembourg, in Nancy and Strasbourg. Master degree

   LISEL Team Members

Edith Weber-Sinner

Edith Weber-Sinner is graduated from the theologisch-pastorale Hochschule Würzburg, married and mother of 5 grown-up children, worked as teacher of religion in primary school.

Current Volunteers (2020-2021): Bogdan Toma, Bogdan Kovyazin

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